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Dr. Stephen Fedele Jr,. D.C. - Atlas Precision Spinal Correction
Stephen Fedele Jr., D.C.
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 Dr. Stephen Fedele Jr,. D.C. - Atlas Precision Spinal Correction 
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Dr. Fedele's practice is devoted to Atlas Precision Spinal Correction. The atlas is the first cervical vertebra. This is achieved without painful twisting or popping. Dr. Fedele's treatment is gentle and painless every time. He offers a Whole Person/Whole Health Care practice of the Structural/Chemical/ Neurological approach. He is committed to restoring health, relieving pain, and improving overall quality of life. This chiropractic technique alleviates troublesome symptoms while improving whole body health.

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The Grostic Procedure had its origins in the Palmer Specific Upper Cervical technique. It was one of several techniques that developed as a result of efforts to standardize chiropractic procedures and methods. Much of this effort to standardize the profession was the result of a group of chiropractors under the direction of Dr. B. J. Palmer. The group, known as the Palmer Standardized Chiropractic Council, founded by Roy G. Labachotte, D.C., provided a forum at which research and new ideas could be presented and exchanged. Dr. John F. Grostic was one of the members of this organization. He, along with other chiropractors, would present research and ideas at the annual meeting of the Council. This annual meeting evolved into the Pre-Iyceum program where it continued to be the forum at which new ideas could be presented. At these forums and in the "Bulletin" published monthly by the Council, Dr. Grostic presented much of his research work. The Grostic Procedure originated as a means of precisely measuring the misalignments of the atlas and axis. This is still its prime function. Grostic Procedure provides a way to evaluate various adjusting procedures. The procedure begins with the most basic chiropractic philosophy -- that the human body has an inborn intelligence that controls function, growth and repair, and that this inborn intelligence must maintain a balanced and stable relationship between the body and its internal as well as its external environment. It is the function of the nervous system to maintain this homeostasis. To maintain this critical balance effectively, the nervous system must be continually informed not only of any changes in the external environment, but also of the current state of all internal systems. To accomplish this task, large amounts of data must be continually transmitted over the nerves to the brain where this information is integrated and acted upon. If a response is required, it is transmitted over nerves to the appropriate structure, organ or cells. Any interference with the transmission of data or of the response can upset the delicate balance of homeostasis. The Grostic Procedure is primarily a measurement system. The x-ray analysis is central to the procedure, and is the one area that has remained constant over the last 30 years. Since 1946, adjustments have changed from a Palmer Toggle to a much shorter and lighter thrust. The contact point, the pisiform, usually travels less than one-fourth inch during the thrust. The result of this shortened thrust has been twofold. First, discomfort for the patient has for the most part been eliminated. Second, the atlas misalignment can be reduced more consistently and predictably. www.aucco.org/grostic.html

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My office is located on Cedar, near the northwest corner of Cedar and Gettysburg. If further directions are needed, please call the office.

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